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is the standard of my business. Quality, service, integrity and reliability–Metricon Homes lives by these words.

Metricon Homes builds the best home for your budget. Upon each finished home, we affix a plaque. Our name is on that plaque; we stand behind our home and know that it represents our best effort.

And that doesn’t end the day you move into your new home. Metricon Homes promises that should you have a question or problem, we will continue to provide dedicated service.

Metricon Homes is a full-service custom homebuilder. Our services include:

*(list services)

We take great pride in our customer’s being satisfied with our quality craftsmanship. A Metricom Home is a choice for a lifetime. I look forward to working with you to help you realize your dream!


Letter 2

Dear Home Buyer:

Have you considered building a new home but held back for lack of trust in a builder?

At Crazy John Constructions, we put our 26 years of experience on the line every time we build a new home.

Hello. I’m Crazy John. I’m sure you’ve heard friends tell horror stories of their experiences hiring a builder who was never on time, did shoddy work, and went over budget. I’ve heard those stories, too. Sadly, it is true–there are some builders who give our profession a bad name. The distress that these “professionals” can cause a family often leaves long-term scars on relationships. I started my business in 1976 with the idea that I was in it for the long run and I would earn my reputation one satisfied customer at a time.

The result?

Crazy John Constructions is now one of the most respected home construction names in Utah. We were named Builder of the Year in 2003 and 2006; we have won three Judges’ Choice Awards; and we have consistently ranked in the top 3 of People’s Choice Awards in our entries in the Parade of Homes.


Because we insist on quality you can trust. Our ongoing business is dependent on your recommending us to your friends. We go the extra mile–literally. In fact, 99% of our customers would gladly choose us to build them another home. Our qualified staff, skilled craftsmen, and professional subcontractors have been with us for years. Our team prides itself in working closely with you during all stages of construction, listening to your needs, and paying meticulous attention to detail. You can count on us to handle everything from permits, designs, construction, and warranties. In every way, we strive to be true to our word and dependable.

We’ve worked hard to earn our outstanding reputation as one of Utah’s premier general contractors. We build with the goal of achieving the highest industry standards, using the finest materials, employing the best craftsmen, and delivering a home at a price you can afford.

At Crazy John Constructions I put my name on the company for a reason. I want you to feel so at peace that you could take a vacation during the construction process knowing you would come back to a wonderfully built home. That is my goal–to make you happy in the home I build you, and for you to enjoy it for many, many years.

I want to personally invite you to check us out–visit one of our subdivisions; ask a Crazy John Construction homeowner about their experience with us and how they love their home. I know you’ll see that we are all that we claim. We, at Crazy John Construction, want you as part of our family and we are ready to earn your trust.


Crazy John

Managing Member

P.S.  For a listing of prior homeowners, or a list of our current subdivisions, or if you would just like to sit down and visit with us concerning your needs, please contact us at 555-5555.