Educational Fundraising

Letter #1:
(Telemarketing Script)

May I speak with (name)?

Hello. My name is (name). The purpose of my call is to invite you and your company to participate in our annual Monash College Scholarship Auction on (date). We will be raising funds for low-income student scholarships.

Are you familiar with the auction?


Good. I am hoping you will donate one or more of the hand-held computers your company sells. Your gift is tax deductible, and we will list your company in all of our publicity for the auction.

Would you be able to donate a hand-held computer to help our auction?


Thank you so much. Would it be convenient for one of our volunteers to stop by to pick up your gift on Friday?

Thanks again for your help.

(If the answer is NO)

I am sorry if this is an inconvenient time. If you happen to reconsider, please call me at 555-5555. Thanks for your time.
Letter #2:
Dear (name),

Remember what it was like when you were in college and stepped onto the football field for the first time?

Monash University is still providing these kinds of important firsts to talented young athletes. And we’re hoping you’ll be willing to help those athletes get off to a good start. We’ve done everything we can to contain costs without compromising quality. One of those things is to set up a special scholarship fund.

We invite you to contribute generously to our special athletes’ fund. Simply complete the enclosed form and send it along with your check. Your donation is tax deductible. And, you’ll get a great feeling, knowing you’ve helped support the future sports stars of Monash University.

Thanks for your help.


Letter #3:
Dear (name):

We hope you enjoy the enclosed collector’s autographed program by John Smith, renowned lecturer and Pulitzer Prize winner. This program, which featured Mr. Smith, was well attended by alumni like yourself. We hope to bring more informative speakers to campus but it takes special funding.

We’re counting on your pledge of $250, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

This lecture program costs the university over ($) per year, so you can see that your donation is most valuable. We thank you again for your pledge and hope you enjoy the autographed program.


Letter #4:
Dear Mr. (Name):

Your generous donation will help Monash College step up to the next level in athletics. Because we have been accepted into the East Coast Conference, attendance at games is anticipated to rise dramatically. Simply put, our facilities are woefully inadequate.

Beginning in January, the Alumni Association plans to expand the stadium and improve the playing field, but we can’t do it without your help. The budget for these developments is $1.1 million. And the result will be athletic facilities on par with other schools in our Conference.

As you know, athletics not only provide school spirit, they are one of our most visible tools for introducing potential students to Monash College. The spin-off effects of a well-funded athletic program are felt by all departments. By sending in your donation form you will be helping us bring the best students to monash College and give our campus the beautiful facilities it deserves.


Letter #5:
Dear Mrs. (Name),

The Monash Alumni Association is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for graduates of Monash University’s Technical College. We invite you to join the Dean’s Circle. There, you will associate with other professional alumni as you participate in the progress of Monash University.

Your annual gift of $100 makes you a Dean’s Circle member. Your gift supports the Technical College, its scholarship program, its labs, and its constant effort to provide the most up-to-date educational equipment.

As a Dean’s Circle member, you will enjoy exclusive events and an invitation to attend our annual awards dinner. You will also receive a copy of Alumni Directory, a guide listing other members and their biographical sketches.

If Monash University is to maintain its prestige in the field of technology, we must work together to improve our facilities and services. By joining the Dean’s Circle, the good you will do will be felt for years to come. We at the Technical College thank you. Please call 03-9875-4555 to join.

Letter #6:
Dear Mr. (Name):

Perhaps you have heard that the Monash University Administration Building is in urgent need of renovation. This 75-year-old building is the heart of administrative functions: (list importance of the building). The Administrative Building immediately needs overhauls in (list construction needs.)

The Monash University Alumni Association announces the “Renew the Administration Campaign,” an alumni fund-raiser designed to raise the $3.2 million needed for renovation. If everyone gives a little we can achieve our objective. We have organized donor categories for your convenience:

* The Green and Gold Club: Those who contribute $25 to $100 receive (describe free gift).

* The (name) Club: Those who contribute $100 to $250 receive (describe premium)

* The (name) Club: Those who contribute $250 to $500 receive (describe premium)

* The President’s Circle: Those who contribute $1000 or more receive their name engraved on a plaque in the new building plus two tickets to the annual President’s Ball.

Please make your contribution by returning the enclosed form. We thank you for helping renew the Administration Center.


Letter #7:
Dear Mr. (Name):

Monash College is proud of its tradition of helping students. This tradition extends back from the 1910 alumni fund-raising effort to build our library to the time when you attended Monash College and helped raise funds for the football facilities. As one of our distinguished Monash alumni, we are asking you now to help sponsor the educational needs of today’s students.

Our urgent need is to raise $2 million dollars for the new law wing of our library. The demands on this important program have grown so fast that we must expand in order to remain competitive. To accomplish this we need your help. The enclosed literature gives you more information.

We at Monash College are counting on you. Please contribute by returning your pledge in the enclosed envelope.


Letter #8:
Small ripples of water have a way of gathering momentum and eventually becoming great waves. Likewise, your annual gift to Monash Tech, when combined with those of other alumni, has a substantial impact on our ability to offer cutting-edge academic programs.

As dean for College of Arts and Sciences, I have a wonderful opportunity to help keep the college and Monash Tech at the top of the game. It is no mere accident that this institution ranks 20th among the nation’s top public universities. We have earned this national recognition by systematically strengthening Monash Tech’s academic offerings and granting a highly sought-after credential.

Like small ripples, the strategic decisions regarding funding priorities in each college set into motion waves that eventually touch the lives of our students. Of course, it’s your gift to the College Annual Fund that creates the first ripple!

Please send you annual gift to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Letter #9:
Dear Parents,

Our school is in critical need of math books. To date we can only supply one book for each three students. But we have a solution.

Next Monday marks our annual fund raiser and we have decided to dedicate all our efforts to raising money for math books. We have found a terrific project that should provide us with all the money we will need. But In order for this to happen, we need your support.

Today, we sent your child home with an envelope containing six Mountain Mike’s Pizza Fund-Raising Cards. May we ask you and your child to sell these cards for a $12.00 donation? The best part is, we keep $10.00 for the math books. Please help your child contact your friends, family, and neighbors. Take the cards to work or anyplace else you go.

You’ll love the offer that’s printed on the cards. (Describe offer and how the school benefits).

With pizza being the number one selling food in America, you can see we’ll be able to accomplish our goal in no time.

Please read through the enclosed material that will explain this easy program. We have prizes for the top sellers!

Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, please feel free to call me anytime.


Fund-Raiser Coordinator


Letter #10:
Dear Parents,

Each year we focus in on a critical school need for which we need to raise funds. You may know that our computers are old and in disrepair. This year we are raising money for 10 new computers for the library.

The fund raiser we have chosen will easily cover the tab and should provide the money we will need for the rest of the year. But we need everyone’s support!

On Monday, your child will come home with an envelope containing six Mountain Mike’s Pizza Fund-Raising Cards. These cards will be sold for a $12.00 donation, and the best part is, we keep $10.00 or more from every sale! We will also be sending home a Kick-Off Invitation, which will explain this easy program and how we can meet our goal.

The cards come with a great offer. (Describe offer and how the school benefits)

With pizza being a favorite, you can see we shouldn’t have any trouble selling the cards and raising money for the computers.

Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, please feel free to call me anytime.


Fund-Raiser Coordinator


Letter #11:
Free Stickers That Your Students will Love,

Guaranteed to Motivate, Educate and Reward!

Dear Educator,

For the past 20 years we have provided stickers to over 8,000 schools. We would like to show you how our stickers can be combined with your lessons to excite your students and provide classroom fun and motivation.

So we are inviting you to sample our stickers Absolutely Free!

Here’s what a few Teachers have to say….

(List testimonials)

Here are some of our new designs:

*(List designs)

As a special, one-time offer, we will send you your choice of one pack of any of these new designs when you buy another pack of equal or greater value. Plus, if you decide right now, you’ll receive a $25.00 Bonus Pack Free–an assortment of over 300 of our most popular stickers. Act by February 22 and we’ll throw in the shipping charge. You can’t pass this up!

We can be generous because we know once you experience all the pleasure these stickers will bring to your students, you’re going to become a loyal and eager customer (and hopefully you’ll tell your friends and colleagues).

One thing I’ve learned: the only way to build a great business is to over-deliver.

And that’s why you also get a 100% Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee!

Try our stickers. If you are not completely satisfied, you get ALL your money back regardless of how many stickers you return! And the $25.00 Free Bonus Pack is yours to keep no matter what! Is that fair?

That’s all there is to it!

The worst that can happen is you come out ahead just for taking a peek. There’s absolutely no way you can lose.

You’ll discover there’s nothing more satisfying than the smiles of students, as you reward and celebrate their success.

Make us prove it!

Order Now. Don’t put this off. Try the stickers at our risk, and do yourself and your students a favor today.


P.S. Act before February 22 and the shipping is dropped!

Letter #12:
Dear Parents,

As you know, each year we are in need of additional funds to provide the best possible experience for your children. This year we are raising money for science textbooks.

We have found a fund raiser that should provide us with enough money to purchase each child a textbook. Imagine…only one fund raiser this year!

In order for this to happen we need everyone’s support.

On (day) (date) at (time) at (place) we will hold a Kick-Off Rally. During the rally we will go over all the details concerning this fund raiser. We need you and your child to be present, so we can explain what we are going to do, what prizes are available, and how you get your fund raiser materials.

Thanks again for your support. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, please feel free to call me anytime.


Fund-Raiser Coordinator