Letter Writing

This site has been designed to be a reference for sample letters and templates. Feel free to browse the site and use snippets to form your own customised letter. Letters on this site cover a wide range of purposes from sales letters to personal love letters. If you have any sample letters and would like to see them added to this site, please email info@letters.net.au.

This is the basic format that is followed to write a letter in Australia. To help you write a professional letter please search for a topic and choose from the many examples available.

The Address
This is a basic format for an average misc letter. In Australia, to start off a letter, the sender’s name (from) and address are put in the top right and the recipient’s name and address are put slightly below on the left.

The Body Text
The recipient is then addressed with the word ‘dear’ without an indentation. For instant, ‘Dear Ms Lindsay Lohan’ or ‘Dear Britney Spears’, or ‘Dear sir/madam’. The main content of the letter is then written below with indentations, as in a paragraph form.

The Conclusion
The letter is then concluded with ‘Yours sincerely’ if the name of the recipient was given at the top, or ‘Yours faithfully’ if it was not; something along the lines of ‘Best wishes’ is generally the most appropriate for an informal letter. You could also use kind regards or just regards depending on the type of letter you are writing. The sender then signs the letter below in the center or left (depending on how the letter is formatted), with their name printed below that so it is legible.

This is the basics of writing a letter, please have a look at the different sections to find sample letters or do a search for a specific type of letter. There is also hints on creating and writing reports for school or university.