Sample mortgage insurance sales letter.

Dear [[Recipient]]:

A mortgage is a remarkable obligation.

Do you have a mortgage?  Most families do.  Few families could afford to live in their comfortable homes without a mortgage and its monthly payments spread out for twenty to thirty years.

You are making regular payments from your salary and your family is secure.  But what would happen if suddenly you were no longer there?  Who would continue the payments?  Would the family continue to feel secure?

We have the answers.  We can provide you with a simple insurance plan that in the event of your death will pay off the mortgage.  Your family can continue living in their home.  They can retain their feeling of security.

All this is available for only about one percent of your mortgage annually.

Surprising?  Yes.

Simple?  Yes.

Your neighborhood representative, Mr. Al Hoerner, will phone you soon to arrange a time to allow you to see how this plan works – how simple it is – and how inexpensive – especially when you consider the potential benefits.