Sample life insurance sale letter.

Dear Manchester Unity Customer:

As you know, Westpac Bank, known for its service to Melburnians since 1852, makes available to you many financial services including your convenient Master Card account.  We are pleased that Westpac has selected us to add to these services by making available to you a product design for the protection of your estate and the future security of those dependent on you.

You are undoubtedly aware that what you can buy with one dollar today is hardly more than half of what you could buy with that same dollar ten years ago.  The other half has been lost to inflation.

With this in mind, we offer you a unique Term Life Insurance Plan that is competitively priced, has a special anti-inflation Benefit Protection Option, and features convenient premium payment through your Manchester Unity account.

Let me tell you about the highlights of this special plan:

— Adults under 60 can select up to $50,000 of Term Life Insurance benefits.
— You and your spouse, if under age 60, can protect your insurance benefits against inflation by including the Benefit 
— Increase Option in your coverages.  This option will automatically increase your insurance benefit until the total benefit doubles.
— You can cover the balance in your Master Card account with your insurance benefit.
— You have the convenience of having the monthly premiums billed to your Manchester Unity account.
— Medical examinations are not required to apply for this insurance. You will own your policy – it is your personal property.

You can have lifetime protection, regardless of any change in your health, because at any time prior to age 60, while your coverage is in force, you can convert this policy to a whole life or endowment policy without evidence of insurability and without a medical examination.

We are proud to offer this Term Life Insurance Plan to you and to support it with the strength of our company, a member of AMEX Life Assurance Company group which, for 127 years, has provided Californians with quality insurance plans at competitive rates.

I urge you to read the enclosed material which further explains the Plan, then evaluate your insurance needs, complete the enclosed application, and mail it to us today.