Page Numbers

Pages are numbered consecutively throughout the whole of the dissertation. Pages are given arabic numerals.

The exception to this rule is the title page which, although technically designated page 1, is not actually numbered. Appendices (such as off-prints of articles) that have been previously page-numbered in their publications, are re-numbered within the sequence in which they are presented in the dissertation.

As the order of the different sections of the dissertation may be changed while the work and the typing or word-processing of the work progresses, the final numbering of the pages should be left until the entire dissertation is assembled. If typing the page numbers in at this stage presents great difficulties, it is sometimes permissible, with the prior agreement of the supervisor, to write the page numbers in ink, provided they are neat and unobtrusive. This concession does not apply normally to research degree theses or dissertations in which page numbers must be typed. To keep the dissertation in order during its assemblage, it is helpful to number the pages temporarily in pencil.

Page numbers are placed 20mm from the bottom of the page and are centred between the margin lines (110mm from left-hand edge of the paper).