Message for a child

Letter #1:
Your mom told me you took a big tumble on your bike yesterday and hurt yourself. I’m sorry that you are not feeling well, but I’m glad you were wearing your helmet or you may have been hurt even more. I’m going to remind everyone I know to always wear a helmet. I brought you some new bicycle gloves to match your bike for when you are ready to get back on it. Remember to do just what the doctor says and you’ll be riding around again in no time!

Letter #2:
I am so glad to hear your surgery went well. Those hospital people know what they are doing. John thinks you start a new haircut trend when the kids all see how your head is shaved from getting the stitches. Eric is excited to come and visit you as soon as your Mom says it’s okay. The nurses said it would be okay to hook up a video game to your hospital TV for an hour a day! You are one tough kid, Ashley. We are all proud of you!

Letter #3:
What a disappointment to get sick right in the middle of learning the computers at school! I understand that you were really doing well. Eric told me you would like to see some of the stuff he’s been learning so maybe we could bring my laptop computer when we visit you, if your dad says it’s okay. You might want to be thinking about some things you want to do on the computer. Until then, just do what the doctors say and you will keep getting better every day! We are thinking of you.

Letter #4:
Being sick is no fun so please get well soon! Little Eric asks about you all the time, wondering when you can come over and play. We hope you like the box of chocolates. Share them with your friends and family and leave one for Eric when we visit you on Thursday! We hope you are feeling better. We will see you soon.