Message for a business associate

Letter #1:
We were all surprised to hear you had suddenly taken ill; you have always been so healthy. We understand that you are in good hands now, so we have confidence in your speedy recovery. Don’t give work second thought. You have a lot of good friends who are taking up the slack. Your job now is to get well. Best wishes from all of us.

Letter #2:
We were glad to hear the good news that you will have a full recovery. You have been on our minds and in our prayers these past few days. We look forward to your return, but please don’t rush yourself. Your full recovery is the most important thing now. We have all the bases covered here, so just worry about getting better. There will be lots of time for shop talk.

Letter #3:
Jane just told me about your accident and that you are in the hospital. I want you to know we think about you and are pulling for your rapid recovery. Yes, we need you on the sales floor, and we also need you as our friend. Everyone sends get well greetings. Some of the group will be visiting you in the next few days, and some will bring a little light reading material. If you have special desires, just say the word. We want your hospital stay to be as short and pleasant as possible.

Letter #4:
I am sad to hear of your illness. I want you to know that you are in my every prayer. I am sure everyone here at work feels the same. You are a valued friend and colleague. A number of people have already offered to help Jane with the many things that must be done at times like these. Rest well. She will have all the help she needs. Again, you are in my heart and prayers. Take care.