Say Sorry

Letter #1:
I am writing to apologize for the behavior of some members of our football team at the AFL finals last week. We all know that emotions can get heated when close calls are made in intense games, but it does not excuse the language and behavior of some of our players.

I, too, was personally shocked and offended by their actions, which were a direct contravention of the values of dignity and good sportsmanship we teach in our school. The offending players are being disciplined, and will not have their athletic scholarships renewed. Please convey my personal apologies to the faculty and students of Wesley College, for whom we have the utmost respect.

Letter #2:
I feel terrible about the damage Chris did to your garden. Being a gardener myself, I realize how much work you put into making it productive. I know I would be displeased if someone were to run carelessly through my carefully planted tomatoes. Chris feels bad about what he did, and although he cannot repair the damage, he says he wants to compensate you by doing yard work for you this winter. If you agree, I think this would be a good lesson for John.

Letter #3:
I apologise for the damage my son did to your screen door. John has delivered newspapers for two years and this is the first glass he has broken. He is embarrassed and understands your frustration. Will you please have the glass repaired and give me the bill. John will be over to personally apologise and pay for the repairs. You have been a good customer for John, and he looks forward to serving you as long as he has this paper route.

Letter #4:
I hope you will accept my sincere apology for the excessive noise my class made yesterday afternoon. They got so involved with the activity we were doing that they completely forgot about keeping their voices down, and I must admit that I got carried away as well. I’m sorry that we disturbed and distracted your class from their lesson. I will make a greater effort in the future to keep my class’s enthusiasm within acceptable limits.

Letter #5:
I apologize for the behavior of our second-grade classes at the dress rehearsal of your excellent show. They were certainly disruptive, and I was only amazed at how well your actors managed to keep going, in spite of the noise.

Their teachers have spoken to them, and the children have prepared cards and pictures for the cast, to express their own apologies. Will you please pass these on to Mrs. Doe and the cast?

In the meantime, I think we have learned from this experience that our second-grade students are too young to sit through a full-length show. We will exclude them in the future, if you open dress rehearsals to us again. Our older students and staff certainly appreciate your kindness in this area very much.

Letter #6:
I am so sorry the children behaved so badly when you were baby sitting for us last night. It must have been exhausting for you. I really don’t know what got into them, though Jane was running a slight fever this morning, so it’s possible that she wasn’t feeling well. I told them that if they were going to be so naughty, you would not baby sit them again, and Eric in particular became quite tearful. You really are their favorite baby sitter.

Tom and Jerry have both promised that if you will give them another chance they will be “as good as gold.” In any case, this is up to you. Please let me know if you would prefer not to take care of them again.