In a letter recommending one person to another, mention two or three points of strength. The person you are recommending should have more than one good quality, but if too many are listed, the authority of the letter is diminished.

Statements should be specific. Rather than saying, “Joan has a good attendance record,” say, “Jess was absent only four days during the three years she worked here.” Rather than saying, “Kathy is a good worker,” say, “Kaylene turns in her reports on time.”

Assume a pleasant state of mind when writing the letter, because a cool or standoffish attitude will only harm the person you are trying to help. A feeling of warmth and enthusiasm should be felt by the reader. Of course, mention the full name of the person you are recommending. Also state your relationship: employer, teacher, friend, and how long you have known him or her. Usually the last sentence can be an affirmation that the person of your letter will fulfill the needs of the reader.

— I recommend her highly as a statistical clerk.
— I wish I had her back.
— She will rise to the top, whatever she tries.
— Tom was always a great help to me.
— He is one I can recommend with complete confidence.
— I know he will measure up to your expectations.
— He did so much to increase our sales, and I know he can do the same for you.
— She earned the confidence of all her customers.
— His enthusiastic hard work will be sorely missed here.
— Her efficiency may surprise you.

Letter 1


This is to inform you that we have done business with our customer, Seymour Port Company, for more than five years.  We are pleased to report that all business has been conducted by Mr. Seymour and his company in a highly satisfactory manner.

Mr. Seymour and his staff have always been most helpful in providing information and advice about both domestic and overseas packaging and packaging materials.  In the specialized field of overseas shipments, we have found that he has a broad range of information that has been helpful to us.

If you wish further information, please write or phone.