What is nicer to receive than a compliment? Not too many things, because everyone appreciates praise. A pat on the back can make new friends, cement old relationships, win admiration, and, furthermore, can be a powerful influence in making day-to-day relationships more pleasant and rewarding.

Sincerity must be at the heart of every compliment to make it acceptable to the other person as truth.  Beware of flattery which can destroy an intended congratulatory remark and lower the esteem of the writer. Above all, a compliment is an effective stimulant to those who are recognised for a job well done.

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s work world.  The courtesy extended to me by your staff during the recent week of meetings and planning sessions was impressive because of its rarity.

Both office personnel and executive planners provided detailed explanations and personal assistance when needed.

Such concern is refreshing and should become more widespread.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the job both Jake and Tim performed while here in Mildura.  Between them they saved us untold thousands of dollars in material costs.

Jake just left after having spent most of the last twenty-four hours helping our people run tubing with a system that does not yet have sufficient power to maintain proper temperatures.  Without his help, it is doubtful that we would ever have identified the true magnitude of the problem.

Please let Jake and Tim know how much we appreciate their help.

Letter 3

Dear [[Recipient]]:

You’ve got quite an operation going, and your people are even more to rave about.  They seem to love their work and carry out their duties both competently and enthusiastically.  Certainly, productivity is high as the monthly report shows.  Morale appears to be equally high.

During that round of meetings and brainstorming sessions last week, your people worked to fill me in on unfamiliar material.  Without being asked, they pulled files. reports, and memos to justify items and to increase my knowledge of vagaries.  They even supplied me with advice regarding several good restaurants and entertainment in town.

With your production rates and the quality of your people, you must be doing something right.  Keep it up.

Letter 4

Dear [[Recipient]]:

The average weight of 33,297 kilos for each truckload shipped in July makes it a record month.

The increased business has helped, I’m sure, but most of the credit goes to you and your loading crews.  Keep up the good work.

Letter 5

Dear [[Recipient]]:

John Travolta, during his routine posting of energy usage for the month of July, noted an unusual increase and questioned me about this increased cost.

I investigated the procedure for recording electric power usage and found that an error in calculating the kilowatt hours used during July raised our costs by more than $4,000.  An adjustment will be given to us next month.

I would like to compliment John for his alertness and thank him for the added $4,000 bottom-line profit.

Letter 6

Dear [[Recipient]]:

The city of Williamstown has just awarded us the contract for construction of the Municipal Plaza due to begin early next year.

Your involvement in gathering the data and presenting the proposal proved vital to our success.

Your expert approach made a formerly difficult task manageable.  Such talent is indeed an asset to our firm.

Letter 7

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Your proposal passed with flying colors and Dandenong has given us the Municipal Plaza job.  Construction should start next fall, but we’ll be needing your talents in the meantime for a few other bids we’re working on.

Our specifications needed that extra polish that your way with words gave them.  The Council looked at the proposals of a half-dozen other firms and accepted our offer faster than we’d anticipated.

Don’t get too tied up in other work for a while.  We’ll be in touch in a week or two.  Once again, we appreciate the great job.

Letter 8

Dear [[Recipient]]:

The order from Eastern Creek arrived today and it alone raised our sales volume for the month by several points.  Tim Allen managed not only to sell a new account, but one that eluded us for several years despite serious work by several of our best people.

Allen’s perseverance paid off.  He spent several days trying to see Eastone’s president and finally caught him in the evening.  Thanks to Allen’s refusal to limit his working hours, the biggest account on the Western Suburbs is ours.

You’ve got an eye for talent, and Allen is one man who is going to go far in this company.

Letter 9

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Harvey Norman from our headquarters office reports that your sales volume for Juky was more than double July’s volume.

We offer a good product to consumers, and equally important are the aggressive and competent employees like you who take our product before the public.

Continue the good work.

Letter 10

Dear [[Recipient]]:

The latest issue of APC had a circulation of over one million, a figure that no one thought we’d reach after the setbacks of the last three years.

A large part of the credit goes to you and the people you’ve chosen to rework what was once a dying publication.  It looks like you’ve chosen a new format.  Eliminating the “cute” departments and mindless quizzes has had its beneficial effect.  You, Tom, Jean, and Dennis have something to really gloat about in the industry.  And APC can look forward to increased profits in the months to come.

Please pass my appreciation on to your staff.  Continue the good work.

Letter 11

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Circulation of ART magazine has just passed the one million mark after a three-year lag in subscription sales.  Although exposure has increased, your complete overhaul of the format and staff assignments have been key factors in this new success.

Keep up the good work.