Goodbye Thanks

Dear all,


Well where do I start.. I suppose at the very beginning – Adam and Eve…. No no no – May 2007 where I began learning the ropes here in the Adelaide Office. It was a bit getting used to at the start, but over time, with the right mentorship from some of my peers I was able to grow and learn a whole heap, and I’m thankful for that.


It’s farewell sort of, simply because I’m only relocating to Perth office but still a Martian, well Centralian, same same but different.


A special thank you to some close Adelaide friends that I have made a special bondage with and hope to continue our friendship across a couple of states.


·         Uncle Arthur – The man who has been sitting in front of me for a long time… my coffee buddy, my soccer talk man, my comedic relief..

·         The Finance women  

o   Megan Fox who has been my partner in crime and have worked well with over the past couple of years

o   Megan Fox  – A laugh and a half

o   Lisa thomas – My mentor and boss

o   Ally Mcbeal – The person taking over my role… all  I can say is –  God have mercy on you… you will be fine and you’re also a fun and loud person who’s pretty switched on.

o   Yusef, Alex, Leena and Erin – Thanks for the laughs and hard work you guys have put in – much appreciated

·         The CBS crew –

o   Sharon and Joe Public – Thanks for the chats, advice and good times

o   Nick Lachey, Fred Flinstone, Matt Malloy, Mr Ed, Jesse Simpson and Lena Love – and the rest of the CBS crew – thanks for the laughs (and hardships).

·         Amanda Trickett, Kate Fisher , Jill Spencer, Sheena Easton and Erin Mcnaught – Thanks ladies for laughing at my jokes, even when they weren’t funny. Also for listening to me blab on and on… (yes like I’m doing now)

·         Andrew Denton, Sam Fisher and Doug Hawkins – My accounting mentors, thanks for the advice and tips.


And everyone else that made my employment here at the MS office in Adelaide a memorable one.


Believe it or not I am still contactable at, so drop in an e-mail if your thinking of making your way to Brisbane.


Thanks and you all have a good night..