Explain Error

Letter #1:
I must apologize for the error we made in our estimate for redecorating your kitchen. This estimate did not include the price of the refrigerator you requested. The additional cost of the model F40 refrigerator is $795.00. The estimate must be increased by this amount. Once again, I apologize for the error.

Letter #2:
Please accept my apologies for the error in your shipment of bed linen. We sent you Stewart plaid instead of Black Watch plaid. As soon as we noticed the mistake, we shipped the correct linen, which should arrive within ten days. Please return the Stewart plaid linen in the box you receive, covering your address with the shipping label supplied. Also enclosed with your new linen is a coupon for a 25% discount on you next purchase.

Letter #3:
Please forgive me but I have made a mistake. I filled your order for the bed linens you purchased but I did so incorrectly. I simply misread your order form and sent you the linens in stewart plaid as opposed to black watch plaid. Yesterday I packaged a lovely set of black watch plaid flannel sheets and coordinating bedspread. They should arrive within ten days. Simply return the steward plaid linens C.O.D. I have also enclosed with your new linens a coupon for a 15% discount on your next purchase as my way of apologizing.

Letter #4:
Please accept our sincere apology for the room service charges that were incorrectly billed to your credit card. Charges to Room 402 for May 20 were mistakenly assigned to Room 404. We have notified the credit card company of our error, and they are removing the incorrect charges from your bill.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and regret the billing error. We hope you will stay with us again on your next visit to Springfield.

Letter #5:
When you were in the showroom yesterday, I told you we would receive shipment of Doe’s new sports utility vehicle in three days. In fact, the cars will be shipped from our Springfield plant in three weeks and will arrive here a week later. I will hold your down payment check in our office until we hear whether you want to wait for the shipment to arrive.

Regarding your other order, the silver RX7 with all the extras is still reserved for you. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and my manager has agreed to reduce our price on the sports coupe vehicle by $3,000 because of the inconvenience. I’m sure you will be delighted with both vehicles.