Low Productivity

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Recent figures indicate that changes in the ventilation system have not resulted in the expected increase in productivity.

Work crews will be sent in to revamp the ductwork and other equipment on Tuesday.

We are fully confident that once the difficulties have been resolved, your production levels will meet and even exceed previous figures.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Recent reports indicate that productivity has dropped to an all-time low in your department.  It appears that the new computer system is slowing the output of your daily reports.

Our estimate that installation of the system would result in improved efficiency was inaccurate.  We will, therefore, remove the computer and make a study of alternate computer systems.

Your operation has been hampered for a time but I am certain that, in light of past performance, your department will not only resume normal promptness but get even more reports in ahead of the deadlines.