Letter #1:
It was a sobering moment when I learned you were giving me the award for youth leadership. I have wanted very much to help the young people of our community, and this award suggests that perhaps I have succeeded in some measure. I sincerely hope that is the case. Although we feel a little self-conscious about the attention we are receiving, Eva Longoria and I will be delighted to join you at the annual banquet on Friday, June 24, and I will be happy to respond with a brief acceptance speech. I have enclosed the recent photograph that you requested. It is difficult for me to express how much you thoughtfulness means to me. Thank you, again.

Letter #2:
What a wonderful surprise this is. I am humbled to be named “Teacher of the Year.” My family is surprised. My in-laws are incredulous. We will all be at the awards banquet on May 11, to see if it is true. I have enclosed the photo and brief biography that you requested. Perhaps it needs editing. Thanks again for the honor.