Letter #1:
I want to remind each chairperson that our fund-raising deadline is approaching rapidly and we are still short of our goal. You have all been remarkably effective in getting the support of your groups and I am sure we can reach our goal this week if we all give one more push. What a great feeling it will be to accomplish what seemed impossible six months ago. You are setting new standards. Let’s finish the job right and then celebrate!

Letter #2:
This is a reminder that Tuesday begins our Spring Telethon. This year the number of volunteers is down, so the rest of us will have to pitch in where needed. Please check with Vanessa Williams, the head of volunteer services, for a list of open time slots in the schedule. You all did a tremendous job on the phones last year, and I know we can pull it off again this year. Let’s do it!

Letter #3:
The deadline for certification on the new presses is rapidly approaching. Those not certified in their operation please make an appointment with Darrent Williams before this Friday. There are two sessions left before he begins training at another facility. Please do not be intimidated by the intensive training. This sophisticated new equipment, run properly, will make all of our jobs easier.

Letter #4:
Today we held an important meeting to reaffirm the need to make an all-out, division-wide effort to finish our current project by September 25. We are counting on a 110% commitment from each member of our team because of Williams Corporation’s need to deliver our product to the marketplace prior to the end of this year.

While the challenges are great, we are convinced that our team of talented, committed professionals will deliver to the marketplace a solid and exciting product. If we all pull together and pledge our total commitment and effort, we will succeed in reaching this important goal.

Thank you for your efforts and personal contributions as we work toward this goal together.

Letter #5:
I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the terrific job you have been doing to get the new product out on time. I recognize the long hours you have been working, and I know how tired we all are. If we continue at our current pace we should be finished with the product and ready to ship it by next Wednesday. That will give us time for a well-deserved long weekend.

I appreciate your hard work and devotion. The contributions of each team member are crucial for our success. Let’s continue to work hard and look forward to some extra time off next week!