Motivate Reader

Letter #1:
Good job! We have had tremendous success during the first two quarters. I know we can continue the upward climb. Starting this Tuesday, we will hold weekly strategy meetings to plan ways to out-perform the Jagger group in sales and service–with the emphasis on service. We want our customers to leave the store happy with the service and products we provide them. Good service always translates into more sales.

It has been great to get bonuses for exceeding sales goals, and I want you to keep getting them. Remember, the earlier in the month we reach our goals, the more time remains for added bonus money.

Letter #2:
As you know, next month is usually our slow month for sales company-wide. The regional office has challenged us to come up with a plan for boosting sales. Knowing what a sales team I have behind me, I was quick to volunteer our department to lead the charge. Starting the first of the month, we will be introducing a “buy two, get one free” offer in local newspapers. Please check your files on recent customers to make sure they are aware of this exciting new offer.

Even more exciting news is that the department with the best sales profile next month will be eligible to attend the Jagger Company’s annual conference in Honolulu. I can already smell the suntan oil! This Friday I am throwing a beach party/sales meeting in the staff room. I look forward to seeing you there, and to a successful sales campaign. Aloha!

Letter #3:
With one week to go, we are $20,000 short of our sales volume goal. Our average weekly volume this month is $15,560. We have a challenge and an opportunity before us. And I know that we are up to the task. To reach our goal, each of us has to commit to a daily individual sales volume of $560. That amounts to one washer/dryer combination or one big screen T.V. a day per salesperson. That represents one Jagger Computer System per week per salesperson. In other words, $20,000 in volume is a very reachable goal.

To add a little spice to the challenge, I promise a $500.00 bonus to the top salesperson, $250.00 to the one in second place, and dinner to the entire salesforce and your spouses — If we reach our goal. I know you can do it.

Letter #4:
You may have already heard about the competition between our store and the Sydney store for the month of April. Whichever store sells more Jagger fertilizer during the month will attend a barbecue hosted by the salespeople from the losing store.

You know that Jagger fertilizer has always been our biggest seller; to encourage sales we are offering a free rake with every purchase of five bags or more. If you have any other ideas to help increase sales, please bring them to our weekly sales meeting Monday morning so we can discuss them.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication that characterizes all of the sales staff at Jagger Feed and Seed, and are confident that we can meet this challenge and out-perform the staff in Sydney. I can taste the barbecued beef already! See you at 9:00 a.m. on Monday.

Letter #5:
I know we’re all excited about our new line of office furniture. Let’s get out there and increase our market share! I’ve assured the Board of Directors that we welcome the challenge of increasing our sales by 25 percent.

Tomorrow morning we’ll meet in the Conference Room for a brainstorming session at 8:00 a.m. Please come with lots of ideas. The Board has assured me there will be prizes for all of us who increase our sales by even ten percent. All who meet the 25 percent goal will receive a weekend at the company condo at Lake Towhee. I’m counting on you to go out and make it happen!