Encourage Employee

Letter #1:
I know we have all experienced a very stressful year. Even after the downsizing six months ago that reduced our personnel twenty percent, we still have not achieved the winning quarter we were hoping for. Nevertheless, I want to assure you that we will not have further reductions in our work force. And there is another bright spot on the horizon. Although we did not turn a profit last quarter, we did break even and sales projections predict a small profit for the current quarter.

This positive trend indicates that our recovery from last year’s problems is on track and that we will soon regain our losses. Thank you for remaining loyal to the company and for helping us make a comeback. We appreciate your confidence and hard work.

Letter #2:
I realize that some problems have cropped up in the department since you took over as supervisor. As you know, the employees were particularly loyal to Mick Jagger, and we expected some resistance to his replacement. But take heart. I have seen your calm, steady influence in the department and have no doubt that the employees will learn to work well with you. Keep up the good work. We’re behind you all the way.

Letter #3:
I understand how difficult it has been to work under the tighter budget introduced last year. As I am sure you understand, this is an attempt to streamline our operations by adopting more efficient methods of training and production. You may not know, however, that our production levels increased by nearly twenty percent in the last quarter. This increase is due to the hard work of employees like you who aren’t afraid to innovate and finesse solutions to problems rather than throw money at them. At this rate the original budget will come back on track in no time, with revenues up as much as fifty percent. Keep up the good work!

Letter #4:
I want you to know that I understand your disappointment at not receiving the promotion you wanted. While you have proven your worth as a contributing, effective member of our team, Mary’s greater number of years in the company, in addition to her experience working on the Smith project, combined to make her the leading candidate for the job.

Please keep in mind that opportunities for advancement will come again. If you continue to be as productive and resourceful as you have been in the past, I see a bright future ahead of you.

Letter #5:
I’m sure it was very disappointing to lose the Jagger account after all your hard work. However, I want you to know I have never seen a more polished first-time presentation by a new employee. Given your skills, I am confident that you will have many more opportunities to make sales presentations for the company, and that many of them will result in new accounts.