Accepting Thanks

Letter #1:
Thanks for taking my advice so seriously. Those who learn from others’ experience are usually a step ahead of the rest. Purchasing a home within your means now is a wise move. I’m sure you’ve done the right thing. You’re young and will have time to purchase a larger home later. It’s important to build equity now. It looks like you have a great future.

Letter #2:
I am pleased that you have taken my advice to begin saving through payroll deduction. If you place at least three percent of your gross salary each month into a tax sheltered annuity, the company will contribute another three percent. If you continue your savings and increase them gradually, you will have a very nice retirement income after 30 years. Saving this way was the best advice I received when I joined Doe Corporation, and I am always eager to pass it on to new employees. Best wishes for a happy, prosperous career.

Letter #3:
I was very pleased when I learned you had decided to go ahead with my recommendation to decrease the workweek to four nine-hour days. While it is true that this plan will not succeed in some industries, ours seems to be one where the potential benefits merit this bold experiment. I hope the new workweek is as good to you as it has been to me.

Letter #4:
Thank you for implementing my suggestion regarding air quality management in our shop. Ever since the new filtration system was installed I have felt healthier, and our productivity has risen just over 10 percent. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where employee suggestions are taken seriously.