Poor Performance

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

We pride ourselves on being a “family store” and regret whenever we have to let an individual go because of poor performance or other difficulties.

Unfortunately, unless several flaws in your performance are eliminated immediately, we will have to terminate your employment with us.  Customers have registered dissatisfaction with your rudeness, careless appearance, and reluctance to assist them in obtaining merchandise.

I’m sure that all of this can be worked out without any further complaints occurring, and with no further reminder required.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

It is with reluctance I inform you that, unless conditions improve measurably, Ford will have to terminate your association with the company.

Personnel performance and productivity rates have shown steady declines in the past twelve-month period.  Frankly, unless improvement is observed, the department will have to be revamped and several other employees released in order to make up our losses.

To be realistic, we estimate that such improvement will take a minimum of six months to become visible.  Given your excellent performance record in the past, there is no reason to assume anything but success.

Letter 3

Dear [[Recipient]]:

This is a written record of our discussion following the accounting audit by the Sakata Company on May 22, 2006.  You have a copy of the 52 errors in accounting procedures and policies noted by the Sano Company auditors.

We discussed with you our concern and disappointment with these errors as well as your performance as an office supervisor.  Company management will share this concern, especially because your position as assistant office manager places you in line for promotion to office manager.  Your limited experience has been considered, but of more importance is your evident weakness in accounting skills and your lack of ability to organize procedures.  In addition, while discussing procedures with members of your staff, we found morale to be unduly low.

At present, you may consider yourself on probation.  Your performance will be carefully monitored, and if, in our opinion, a definite improvement is not forthcoming, there is a possibility that steps will be taken to replace you.  You have begun to correct some of the problems, but a review of your progress will be made in four months.  We expect to determine your permanent status at that time.

Letter 4

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Although with regret, I feel it is necessary to inform you that the following items concerning your supervision of the Scotch House of our youth agency need your immediate attention:

1. The amount of gasoline consumed from Friday to Friday should not exceed $25.  Special field trips are excluded.  No trips are to be made in the agency vehicle that are not agency related.

2. Mileage forms should be turned in at the end of every month completely filled in.  Trust receipts and allowance receipts must be turned in weekly.

3. The phone bill is not to exceed $70 for agency calls.  This is separate from your personal calls, for which you pay.  This means that all calls need to be monitored before the number is dialed and a record should be kept for each boy stating whether or not his one long-distance, five minute call was made for that month.  A log should be maintained or all calls.

4. The grocery list is to be filled in according to needs listed on the menu form ONLY.  The grocery list should indicate the quantity needed.  Food is ordered Friday through Thursday.

Improvement must be shown in these areas by March 9 or employment will be jeopardized.  By this date, there should be enough improvement made that these issues will no longer be a problem.

I have read this and understand its contents.
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