Software Programmer


Contact Details

Name: Sean Lennon

Address: 25 Sydney Rd

Cabramatta, NSW 2156, Australia

Home phone: (02) 9800 0044

Mobile: 0412744859


Personal Details

Gender: Male

Age: 25
Languages: English
Status: Permanent Resident

Career Objective

To obtain a challenging and rewarding position in the field of Information Technology which offers an opportunity to extend my software/web development expertise and utilize systems/business analytical skills with an innovative organization.

Professional Experience

Apr. 02 – Aug. 02 Data Capture

Plantronics Software, Ltd. Canberra, Australia

Project for Quicksilver Australia, Adelaide


· ENMAC Data Capture for Powercor SCADA Replacement Project

· Involved into Point to Point Testing.

Jul 2003 – Nov 2005 Postgraduate Programmer


· To design an Online-testing System utilizing Java swing and JDBC. The project allows an instructor to customize a GUI environment and displays an online test to allow a student to take the test and record the result.

· To develop an e-Commerce type system in Enterprise Java that focus on RMI and Servlets/JSP using JDBC to support data persistence. The project is one in which registered and authenticated members can access product lists and make purchases via the Internet.

· To design and develop a file transfer program utilising Java multithreading and socket based communications between two networked PCs. This java program implements the idle RQ protocol for error control and the BSC for transmission control to allow a file to be transferred from a server to a client.

· To design and develop a small business-to-customer (B2C) e-commerce application based on ASP and SQL connectivity to provide an online purchasing environment on web.

June 1997– Aug 1999 Senior Software Hacker
Baidu Search Company.
Shanghai, China


· Developed university learning centre management application using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access

· Implemented, integrated and maintained semantic database to relational database conversion tools including schema translation and form generator using C++, C, Java

· To improve quality engineering process and to coordinate with suppliers for quality process improvement and analysis ensuring user requirements were met

· Proposed, established, supervised and supported company network, including TCP/IP, cross-connecting multi-platform systems, web site administration, and intranet construction

Oct 1996 – April 1997 Software Engineer
Volkswagen Pty Ltd
Shanghai, China


· One of the designers of Container Shipment and Transportation System. This is a client-server based Management Information System on DEC Alpha, WAN and Sybase SQL Server. Responsible for External Requirement Specifications and Internal Requirement Specifications of the documentation subsystem and customer management subsystem, utilizing TSQL and C language, DB-Library, stored procedures and table design. The documentation subsystem enables the input, query and printing of bills of container and other shipping bills. Customer management subsystem maintains a database of all customers’ information.

· Designed and implemented various system tools to assist project management, including bug control system.

June 1995 – Sep 1996 Software Programmer
Shanghai, China


· CAI for Marine Signals, a multimedia CAI product on Windows 3.1. This 2-person project is a VB 3 application utilizing Access database, multimedia technology and a small DLL coded by C language.

· Programmer of CAI for Middle School Student project using Borland C on DOS.

· Programmer of Map Information System of Pudong New Area project. This is a demo application on Windows 3.1 using Visual Basic.

Feb 1993 – May 1995 Computer Supervisor
Smiths Chips and Fries
Shanghai, China


· As part of a team of six we designed and developed daily stock transaction system using FoxPro3.0 under Novell NetWare3.12 network.

· Oversaw project throughout software life-cycle (project in maintenance stage)

· Maintaining network communication

· Technical report writing for the manager

Jan 1991 – Jan 1993 Programmer and Donor

Royal Blood Bank

Shanghai, China


· As part of a team of two we designed and developed plasma screening management system using FoxPro 3.5.

· Technical support for all departments


Jul 2005
– Nov 2006 : Master of Information Technology
Frankston University of Technology, VIC, Australia

Major in Enterprise Java (JSP/Servlets, RMI, J2EE), C++, UNIX, Database Programming, XML, Windows Programming, Software Testing and Reliability

Jul 2002 – Jun 2003 : Graduate Diploma in Internet Software Development

Melbourne University of Technology

Major in Java, ASP, PHP, Perl, Database (Oracle8i), Object Oriented Data Communication, Internet Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction

Sep 1986 – Jul 1990 : Bachelor of Computer Science

Scumshine University, China

Skill Summary

– Solid skills in software analysis, design, coding, testing, documentation and maintenance of high volume data applications using current methodologies and relational database concepts in various technical computer environments

– Excellent experience in development cycle management, technical research, product/service/vendor evaluation, user interface design, graphic design, server setup, security, optimization & maintenance

– Familiarity with standards and control procedures for the development of application systems liaison with end-users and management to determine technical and functional system requirements

– Extensive knowledge of PC hardware and configuration and network administration.

Languages: Java, HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS, PERL, PHP, CGI, SQL, XML, Visual Basic, C/C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL

Networking: Windows NT/2000, IIS, Exchange Server, Proxy Server, TCP/IP, Novell NetWare3.x/4.x, Ethernet/LAN

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Access, MySQL, FoxPro, dBase IV


To be confirmed