Accepting Applicant

A written record of being accepted for a job is appreciated by the applicant. The letter eliminates doubt and confusion and clarifies details such as where and when to report. Information about lodging availability and what to expect the first day will be of help in some situations. This type of letter affords a great opportunity for a sentence or two (no more) of good impression building.  Make the new employee glad to have accepted a position with your firm.

Include a congratulatory statement. One word of warning, however. Do not lead the employee to believe his or her acceptance is a “contract” for employment by using such words as “guaranteed employment,” “permanent employment,” or “tenure.” Do not use such phrases as, “you can stay and grow,” “as long as you do your job,” or “a long and successful career.” A mere hint that a contract exists could put future attempts to terminate the employee into a tangle of legal difficulties.

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Your recent application for office clerk has been approved by the Personnel Department.  Your abilities appear suitable to the needs of  Price Water House and we offer you a position beginning immediately at the salary discussed.

At Price Water House, every employee is an important member of the firm.  All employees have the opportunity to rise according to their abilities.  Thus, even entry-level employees are selected with great care.

Congratulations on being selected.  If you accept our offer, please report to the Personnel Office on Wednesday, September 10, 20ˍˍ at 8 a.m.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I am happy to inform you that Chisholm School can offer you the position of instructor for the 20ˍˍ-20ˍˍ school year.  Selection from among so many qualified applicants was difficult.  However, the results of your interview, coupled with the fine recommendation we received, led us to decide in your favor.

You should arrive the Saturday before classes resume.  Temporary lodging will be available at Common Hall.  Just call ahead or ask at the gate.  We can also help you to locate an apartment in the area.  Our classes begin September 7, and the first few days will be rather hectic.  Be prepared.  I will assume that you accept our offer unless I hear from you in the next week.  Once again, congratulations on your selection.

Letter 3

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Congratulations on being selected as our new Aldi store manager.  I hope that you will accept our offer and that the salary offer is commensurate with your expectations.

The decision was a tough one since many qualified people were being considered.  However, your creativity and enthusiasm won out over the others.  I personally feel that the right choice was made.

We’re a difficult store to work for since the public eye is always on the image projected by both our fashions and our employees, but you should have no problem in these areas. 

Try to arrive in town by September 2, so you can get settled before the big season really begins and your duties multiply by the hundreds.  Call when you’re ready to begin work.  My best to you in this new undertaking.