Rejecting Applicants

[Because this is a “bad news” letter, couch the decision in the middle. Courtesy and goodwill suggest that this is a letter that should be written, even if it seems to be an annoying obligation.]

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I thank you for recommending that Ms. Rachel Hunter see me about our computer opening.  Your interest in our company is appreciated.

At the present time, in spite of her excellent academic training, we require someone with more on-the-job experience.

Thanks again for your interest in our operation.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

We appreciate your sending Mr. Diego Maradona to see me about employment here.  I can understand why you recommended him.  He would be a great addition to our team, but right now we just don’t have a place for him.

But I thank you for considering our company as a place to work for someone you obviously regard highly.