The acceptance of a resignation should be accepted with sincere regrets. Only bad sentiments can be gained by implying that the resignation was anticipated or that it is eagerly accepted. Say something nice about the person resigning. If nothing else, say that he or she did a great job. End with an expression of good wishes for the future.

Notice of Employee Leaving

The occasion will arise when a company terminates an employee but wishes the real reason hidden. This may be prompted by controversy that would affect employee morale if brought into the open. These notices are brief, non commital, and pleasant. All signs of irritation, disgust, or “serves-them-right” feelings are omitted.

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

We are sorry to see you leave and accept your resignation with regret.

You accomplished a great deal for us during your six years as our mechanical engineer. You deserve much of the credit for our smooth running and profitable operation.

We do, however, understand your desire to be near your family. We know you will do as much for your new employer as you did for us. The best of luck to you.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Mixed feelings well up in me when I accept a resignation, We never like seeing our associates leave, but at the same time we want you to know that our best wishes go with you.

We are proud that you received a promotion to Nursing Administrator at Wesley Medical Centre and know you are looking forward to your new surroundings and an interesting challenge.

Thank you for your valuable contributions and years of faithful service to our hospital. Our sincere good wishes to you, and if you are ever in this area again, please stop in for a visit.

Letter 3


Mr. Robbie Hooker , manager of our Arlington plant, has left the company to pursue other business interests. He will be replaced by Mr. Egil Ostenstad, presently manager of the Footscray plant. This will be effective July 1st.

Letter 4


Ms. Jenna Presley had chosen to take early retirement. She preferred not to transfer with us when we move to Doncaster in August. She joined Jika in 20ˍˍ as secretary to Mr. Bill Jackson.

We will miss Jenna, and I am sure all of you join me in wishing her a pleasant retirement.

Letter 5

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I want to congratulate you and extend my best wishes for your retirement next month. You are to be commended for forty-six years of productive and innovative work. Many of the procedures you established will continue for years to come.

You should have all the time you want now to play golf with your buddy, Cris; no more waiting for the weekend.

We will miss your smiling presence, but do enjoy your leisure.

Letter 6

Dear [[Recipient]]:

It will seem strange here without your cheery “good morning” each day. Our customers will miss you too (but I hope not enough to forget us).

Let me say once again how much you have done to give our store its reputation for friendly service. After thirty years of being so helpful, I doubt that anyone can replace you.

Please accept my personal gratitude for your devoted service and my best wishes for an enjoyable retirement. Come to visit us as often as you can; we think of you as one of our family.

Letter 7

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I want to extend my best wishes for your retirement next month. You are to be commended for thirty-five years of productive and innovative work. Many of the procedures you established will continue for years to come.

We will miss your smiling presence, but do enjoy your leisure.

Letter 8

Dear [[Recipient]]:

When you started your career here, retirement seemed an endless distance away, but here it is. It seems to me that anyone who devotes that many years to public service deserves the most hearty congratulations!

You probably won’t stay retired long, I can see you becoming deeply involved as a volunteer and keeping busier that when you were working.

Best wishes for a long-deserved change.

Letter 9

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Your approaching retirement, I am sure will not mean idling and relaxing. You have been too active in too many projects for that, and I believe that the only way to retire is to stay as active as ever, but restrict the activity to pleasurable things.

I am sure you will enjoy yourself, and let me add my congratulations to the many others you receive. You deserve them all.

Letter 10

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Sasa Llic, general manager of the Western Core Division, will retire June 30 after a long and distinguished career with Global Machine Corporation.

I know you will join me in extending to Sasa our appreciation for the leadership he has provided in developing the West Core Division into the strong organization it is today. Our best wishes go with him in his retirement.