Providing References

You may be asked to provide a reference about a former employee. Often this presents no problem, but occasionally compliments cannot honestly be given. When this occurs, be especially careful about what you write. Because recent federal laws permit people to examine their personal files, precautions are necessary to prevent a legal suit against your company. A lawyer or your company’s legal department should be consulted before you put anything derogatory about a person in writing.

Letter 1

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I am sorry we cannot provide any information on Miss Silvia Saint except that she was employed here from October 11, 2003 until December 31, 2005.  We treat personal data about our employees as confidential material.

Letter 2

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Your letter to Mr. Sam Newman was referred to me for reply.

I’m sorry to inform you that we cannot supply you with the information you requested.  The Footy Show does not permit the release of personal data.

Letter 3

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Ms. Cassia Riley is highly recommended as a secretary.  She worked for me for six years as secretary and statistical clerk.  Not many will surpass her as a take-charge confidential secretary, and her statistical work is accurate.  Her attendance is above average, she is on time, and she willingly works late when I ask her.  Her handling of telephone calls and personal callers is most efficient and pleasant.

Letter 4

Dear [[Recipient]]:

I am happy to recommend Stacy Hayes, who has worked under my supervision for the past four years as a billing clerk.  She does her work on schedule and is more accurate than most billers.  In addition, her work is neat and thorough.  She is always on the job a little ahead of time and her absenteeism is nearly zero.

Stacy grasps new ideas and instructions quickly.  She has a bookkeeping background and would be excellent as a billing clerk or junior accountant.

Letter 5

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Jassie James receives my hearty recommendation as an accounts payable clerk.  She did excellent work under my supervision during the last six years.  She got the bills paid on time, was cooperative and willing to do other assignments – mostly in the area of accounting reports.  She has no accounting background but was extremely helpful with routine reports.  Her typing is top quality.  She was on time and had a better than average attendance record.

I wish I had her back.

Letter 6

Dear [[Recipient]]:

Lauren Hill is a precise statistical clerk; her work is fast and accurate.  She is consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with a smile.  She usually comes to work early, and she was absent only five days in the four years she worked here.

She learns quickly but is not really analytical or research minded.  On the other hand, after being shown step-by-step how to do a report or assignment, few can better her performance.

I recommend her highly for a position working with numbers.

Letter 7

Dear [[Recipient]]:

As vice president of this bank for eight years, I have overseen James Hird in his capacity as loan officer.  He is a serious and dedicated worker, and his reliability and integrity are above question.  He is well respected in local banking and real estate circles.

I highly recommend James Hird to you.  He is a man who will help your organisation grow.