Teachers Aid

7 Station Street
Summerhill, VIC 3023

April 15, 2006

Ms. Jessica Alba
Fantastic Four
10 Action Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Dear Ms. Alba:

As a senior at UTS University, I am writing to apply for the Teacher’s Aide position in Sydney, NSW (Job Code: FT4-TY), an opportunity I learned about on the MIT Institute’s website. My interest in working with the MIT Institute began last fall when I met a representative at the UTS Career Fair. Since then, I have confirmed this interest through my research and today I can offer you the benefit of my experiences teaching and working, both with children and young adults.

Through my studies as a Clinical Psychology Major at UTS University, I have had the opportunity to learn, in a structured environment, a great deal about child development and psychology. As a student, writing reports, researching, and collecting data were tasks that I successfully performed on a regular basis. Your position also calls for parent contact. In my work tutoring and mentoring students both in the United States and abroad, I communicated regularly with parents of my students.

What UTS be of more relevance to you is my experience interning and working as a Paraprofessional at the SEEK Program in the Somerville School District. SEEK (Socio-Emotional Education at the Kennedy) is a special needs program focusing on students with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities and disorders, as well as on students with other disabilities. Interning and working at the SEEK Program, I have had the opportunity to develop skills and abilities such as strong behavior management techniques, effective interviewing skills, and constructive teaching methods. Working with the students and staff of this special needs program and learning the theories and applications of the Crisis Prevention Institute has also emphasized the importance of focusing instruction on life skills and issues of problem solving, patience, control, and safety.

I am eager to discuss your position and to learn more about the MIT Institute. I will call you in the next few days to follow up and see if it is appropriate to arrange an interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (02) 9555-1332. Thank you for your consideration.


Sharon Stone (signature)

Sharon Stone