Request Application

Letter #1:
At the end of my enlistment in the U.S. Navy, I would like to enroll in Simmons College for the fall semester of 2012 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. Would you please send me the appropriate application forms and a copy of the general catalog? I would also like to receive any information the veterans benefits office may have to help me plan ahead.

Letter #2:
My high school counselor told me that the community college in Fremont would be the best place for me to continue my education. I want to study environmental science with an emphasis on toxic waste disposal. He explained that your combined AA curriculum in natural science and public affairs would give me a good foundation for future studies. Please send me the necessary application forms, including scholarship and housing information.

Letter #3:
I am currently employed as a receptionist at a local law firm and would like to expand my career horizons. I understand Sunnyvale Community College has an excellent paralegal program in which I would like to enroll. Please send me an admissions application, any available literature on the program, and information on financial assistance.

Letter #4:
I will finish high school in December, and am interesting in continuing my studies in the United States. I would like to go into the general field of communications or advertising, but have not yet decided on a major.

Please send me the appropriate application materials, along with information for International Students and any information you can give me on housing and employment opportunities. My address is: