Job Search Letter

Letter #1: I am interested in a position as a technical writer and editor for Fry’s Electronics. I hope my enclosed resume will be of interest to you.

I graduated from Monash University in 1995 with a major in English and a minor in Electrical Engineering, an admittedly unlikely combination. Still, it has served me well. I have been able to bridge the communications gap between the technicians and the general public, not only in writing readable manuals, but also in writing successful advertising copy. I hope to hear from you after you have had a chance to review my resume.

Letter #2: Although you may have a fully staffed sales force at Allergan Pharmaceuticals, I believe that my background will interest you. After completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry at Santa Clara University, I worked in the lab at PAMF Hospital, having frequent contact with staff physicians. Later I worked for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals in Research and Development, which gave me a solid background in drug interaction and chemical composition.

In addition, my position as President of the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to use my leadership and sales abilities. Please take a careful look at my resume. I know I could be an asset to your company. Call me at 408-456-5555, if you would like to know more.

Letter #3: I am interested in being considered for a position in sales and marketing management. Your recent partnership with Microsoft Corporation brings unlimited opportunities for the 2000’s and beyond. I would like to help you capitalize on those opportunities by effectively leading a sales force to increase your revenues. As a seasoned sales professional with an extensive understanding of the communications and PC markets and a track record of success, I offer you the following:

– Ten years in telecommunications; four years in wireless

– Excellent sales and marketing skills

– Superior oral and written skills

– Refined interpersonal skills

– Public speaking and large audience motivational skills

– Sales management experience both in the field and at the corporate level

– Technical skills, including PC hardware and software, Internet, and e-mail,

– Enthusiasm, loyalty, integrity, motivation, and good judgment

My future is filled with optimism and a sincere desire to prosper. I propose I share the wealth of knowledge and experience I possess with Doe as it prepares for explosive growth as your next sales manager. I can relocate almost immediately.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will contact you shortly to discuss this opportunity in greater depth.

Letter #4: Dear (name):

My purpose in writing you is to apply for the marketing position that Fremont Medical Supply posted on its web site. Tom Cruise, in your sales department, also encouraged me to apply.

Your list of desired qualifications includes a background in foreign language to work with Fremont’s international clientele. I speak fluent Spanish and German, two of your prime markets. In addition, working at City Pharmaceutical over the last 3 years has given me a valuable experience in the medical supply industry. I am ready to further develop my marketing skills at Fremont Medical Supply.

I look forward to an opportunity to discuss this marketing position. I will contact you next week to set up a convenient time for an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Katie Holmes