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Hello [Contact],

Have you had a chance to check out the Horde system yet?

As I explained in my last email, with Horde you have the ability to upload Email Lists – 300,000 per month! If you already have a database of contacts or a source for purchasing quality opt-in email lists, Horde allows you to upload your email lists into your system for verification. Unlike the closest competitors who only allow a maximum of 2500 emails to be uploaded a month, Horde allows you to upload 10,000/day! That’s up to 300,000 verified emails per month!

I am yet to see a system that can compare to Horde! Check it out. Go to

I use the Horde system to send out 10,000 emails a day to promote my business. I offer the opportunity to make a substantial amount of money to 10,000 email addresses per day! This results in several and I mean SEVERAL signups daily to my site. To see my business, go to: Once on this site, you must go through the Introduction. Click on the S to go to the Survey. Fill in your information…Take the Survey…Information will follow.

Do not shy away from this system because it’s TOO SIMPLE or too easy. I can testify that it works and continues to make me and many others a lot of money!