New Contact

Letter #1:
When I saw you last, you asked me to keep an eye open for the right kind of tour guide to work out of your public relations office. As you put it, “I’m looking for a geologist with a broad smile.” I thought I’d drop you this quick note to tell you about a charming new student of mine who fits the bill perfectly.

His name is Steve Tessa. A rock hound since childhood, he has impressed professors here at the university as one of the most diligent graduate students to come through our program in years. His affable manner suits him well for work in public relations. Just last week I had the good luck of working shoulder to shoulder with Steve in the field on an extended trip, and I can vouch for him as the kind of fellow you want to have along on long shifts or in cramped quarters. I believe he could brighten up even the dankest coal shaft with his good humor alone. I thought I first ought to let you know just who’s sending him your way, so I suggested he call you at your office sometime after the weekend. I’m curious to see if your impressions of him don’t match my own. Please let me know if you still need me to keep looking. I’m happy to be of help.

Letter #2:
I was happy to hear you finally decided to build a home. Such a project can be a very rewarding experience, but it is important that you choose the right contractors. I’d like you to meet Steve Tessa, the contractor who painted our home. I heard he was the best painter in town, and now I have good evidence to back up that claim.

I told him you might be calling, but would like to see his work and talk to some of his recent customers before making a choice. I can’t say enough good about Steve’s work and am confident that you will feel the same.

Letter #3:
Last month while attending the convention in Centerville, I met Ms. Vanessa Tessa. She is the director of marketing for Tessa and Associates in Scumshine and has been responsible for marketing several successful products.

She has excellent ideas about how to present our product. I think it would be in our best interest to talk with her more about hiring her firm for marketing. I am confident you will be as impressed as I was.

Letter #4:
You may be interested in meeting Vanessa Tessa, an excellent freelance writer I have worked with in the past. She helped us complete our project within the deadline, and I have been very pleased with her work.

I gave Vanessa your card and suggested she might be of assistance to you. I’m sure you will not regret meeting with her to discuss your project.