Buying Real Estate–Ten Common Mistakes!

Dear Friend:

I have been in real estate since 1980 and have seen thousands of experienced and first-time home buyers, as well as their agents, make common mistakes. Some of these pitfalls have cost the buyer a bundle. I have even seen real estate mistakes cause the breakup of friendships and marriages!

For these reasons, I compiled a list of the most common real estate mistakes. Many of my clients have commented that everyone should have this information. They say, “Robert, you need to get this out to everybody!” So I asked myself, what is the best way to get this information out to as many people as possible? Of course, the Internet is the answer. That’s how Altman Real Estate Information began.

I have compiled a book called, “Buying Real Estate–Ten Common Mistakes.” This book can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes. It covers ten common blunders that buyers make. You will learn a multitude of money-saving tips, buying strategies, how to easily avoid mistakes, and more. This concise and organized information will show you:

* (list prominent features)

and much, much more!

I highly recommend this book to my clients and customers because of the valuable information it contains. Because I am usually the one who has to fix these mistakes if they happen, it also makes my job easier when my clients are knowledgeable. Even one tip in my book could save you thousands of dollars. After reading this book you will probably know more about buying real estate than many agents!

I am offering it to you at no risk. If you are completely happy with the information, just return it for a full refund. Order now!


Robert Altman

P.S. Don’t be foolish when it comes to buying your next home. Learn these inexpensive tips and secrets, and save! Also, remember the no risk guarantee: if you don’t save money, time, or your nerves by reading this book, I will fully refund your money, no questions asked. So order today.