Compliment Employee Family

Letter #1:
I want you to know that Jane is one of our most valued employees. She is bright, cheerful, and gets along well with even the most difficult personalities. She always comes to work full of enthusiasm, ready to take on new challenges, and eager to share her insights. You deserve to be very proud of her. If her qualities are indicative of what her parents are like, then you must be very special. Jane is fortunate to have such a supportive family. Thank you for your contribution to Jane’s success at Tesla Corporation.

Letter #2:
We want you to know how happy we are that Jane has joined our staff. She has brought new perspectives and boundless energy that has been welcomed by all. It is a delight to work with her. We know it is not easy to balance the demands of home with work, and we appreciate the accommodations you have made to support Jane in her professional opportunity. We will try to be as considerate as possible of your family’s needs.

Letter #3:
We want to thank you for the way you supported John over the last few weeks as we were getting our new product into production. The long hours we have all worked have been a strain on our families, and your support for John has been outstanding. John’s work has been an essential part of our success with this new product. We hope you and John will now be able to enjoy some extra time together, as all members of the development team have been given an additional week of paid leave.

Letter #4:
I wanted you to know how pleased we are to have your son working with us. Harold has proved time and again that hard work and patience make a great worker. In the six months he has been with us, Harold has never stopped challenging others’ notions about what he is capable of. Harold’s contributions are invaluable to our operation, not in spite of his disabilities, but in their own right. I know this strength of Harold’s must have come to him from his family. We all thank you for your support.