Sorry On Behalf

Letter #1:
On behalf of Blackburn Associates I extend my sincere apologies for the behavior of our field representative at the recent trade show. We expect all our employees to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages not only during their working hours but for several hours before reporting to work. Thank you for informing us of this inexcusable incident. We are embarrassed that someone from our firm would have caused such a scene.

The representative involved is being disciplined and is being required to receive special help for substance abuse. Any future infraction will result in immediate termination of his employment.

Letter #2:
On behalf of Intel Corporation, I would like to express my deepest apologies for the rude treatment you received from one of our support operators. Our customer support service is designed to alleviate customer frustration, not add to it. When a problem of this nature occurs, we want to know about it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. The operator in question has been put on probation and has been sent to a special class on customer relations. Intel Corporation wants to deliver preferential treatment to all its customers. Please accept the enclosed discount coupons as a token of our sincere apologies.

Letter #3:
I want to apologize for the rude behavior of one of our employees yesterday. It was inexcusable for her to speak to you in an impatient way as you were making your purchase. I know it is upsetting when someone who should be serving you is disrespectful.

Our employee has been disciplined and will lose her job if this behavior ever happens again. We value you as one of our best customers and hope you will accept our sincere apology.