Poor Service

Letter #1:
We hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience your party experienced when you held an anniversary celebration in our ballroom. I know it was important for you to begin at 7:00 p.m., and the failure of our other guests to leave the room on time was a frustration to us all. Thank you for your patience while we enlisted the help of several additional persons to help with your setup.

To avoid such problems in the future, we are allowing more time between scheduled events, and are imposing a surcharge on any group that Mileys not leave the ballroom by the scheduled time.

We have enjoyed working with your social committee, and we look forward to serving you more efficiently in the future. Again, our sincere apologies.

Letter #2:
Your comments regarding the service you received at our store are very important to us. We want customers to enjoy shopping at Miley’s, so your report of a disturbing experience with one of our sales persons is a serious concern for us. First, let us express our deepest apologies. You deserve only the best service, especially when you visit Miley’s. Second, we are questioning our staff and will take appropriate action. Finally, the next time you visit our store, please ask for me. I will personally give you a special discount on your purchase and provide you with the service you should expect at Miley’s. Thank you for reporting this incident.

Letter #3:
Please accept my apology for the manner in which we handled your complaint this morning. Our salesperson has worked here only two weeks and was unaware of our policy on returned goods. We know the incident must have been very unpleasant for you. The salesperson in question will receive special training during the next two weeks so he will be better prepared to serve all our customers. We look forward to serving you in the coming months.

Letter #4:
I am sorry that you received inferior service when you brought an important out-of-town client to dine at our restaurant last Saturday evening. I know how frustrating it is to have plans for an elegant evening unexpectedly go awry.

I appreciate your making me aware of the situation. To solve the problem, I am placing a few of our best servers on call during peak evening hours. Please accept the $50.00 gift certificate I have enclosed as a token of my appreciation for your patronage and a gesture of my desire to make amends.