Missing Appointment

Letter #1:
I know we are scheduled to see the next AFL game together, but my mother is coming for a visit the same weekend so I will have to cancel this time.

I do look forward to the homecoming game with you the following week.

Letter #2:
This morning I received notice that my travel itinerary has been changed and I will therefore not be here to attend the next monthly staff meeting. Instead of returning Friday, the first of December, I will not get back until the following Sunday.

In my absence, my administrative assistant, Frank Costa, will distribute copies of my sales report to each attendee at the meeting. I look forward to joining all of you at the July meeting.

Letter #3:
Due to conflicting schedules I will not be able to attend the safety meeting planned for this Thursday. Much as I would like to I cannot be in both Sunshine and Footscray at the same time. Please take careful notes. I would like to review them, perhaps over lunch on Tuesday.

Letter #4:
Please accept my sincere apology for missing our lunch date yesterday. In the middle of the rush to meet our printing deadline, I overlooked our appointment. Could we make another date for next week? I enjoy our time together and it gives me a much-needed break from the stress here at the office. Let’s meet at Costa’s Bar at noon next Wednesday; it will be my treat.