Employee Apology

Letter #1:
I apologize for the delay in sending last month’s paychecks. I realize that you, too, need to meet your monthly obligations in a timely manner, and such delays do not help.

To avoid such frustrations in the future, we are changing to a computer system that will prepare checks a week in advance for distribution on payday. This unfortunate event should never be repeated. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Letter #2:
I understand that some of you have taken offense at my comments in Tuesday’s meeting. I apologise to anyone I may have hurt. Sometimes we tend to be a little harder on those who we care about the most.

We share common goals of creating and selling the best products in the market, and I want us all to succeed. To lead you in that effort, we need to tap your ideas and hear your concerns. Please be prepared to meet with me in your groups. I will also be available for individual appointments. Call Jane to schedule times. Together we can achieve our goals and have fun in the process.

Letter #3:
I apologize for my failure to coordinate our efforts on the Maidstone job. I know many of you lost valuable time waiting on some other phase of the job. This is unacceptable and will not happen again. I have instructed John Tran in payroll to pay everyone who lost time on the Maidstone job for a full day’s work. It is very important to me that we continue working together to provide the best remodeling in the business.

Letter #4:
Please accept my sincere apology for forgetting to schedule the time off that you had requested. It slipped my mind when I was making up the calendar, and then I went out of town and didn’t have a chance to correct my mistake. To help make up for it, I have scheduled you for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this week. I hope my error didn’t cause you too much of a problem. I appreciate your professional attitude and the good job you do. I will make every effort to see that this Transn’t happen again.

Letter #5:
I apologise for failing to mention that you had prepared the graphs for this morning’s presentation. It must have been frustrating for you to not have your hard work acknowledged. As soon as I realized what I had done, I e-mailed all the board members, thanking them for attending and informing them that you were responsible for the excellent graphs. I hope this will help to make up for my oversight.