Work Schedule

Letter #1:
We will follow the schedule below for the Easter holiday. Please take note. An X indicates you are working during that period (For this example, create a row of Thanksgiving holiday dates, a column of employee names, and mark an X in the cell when the employee should work).

Letter #2:
Here is the schedule for the upcoming holidays:

April 11, Good Friday – closed

April 12, Easter Saturday- closed

April 13, Easter Sunday – l/2 crew

December 24, Christmas Eve – closed at noon

December 25, Christmas – closed

December 31, New Years Eve – l/2 crew

January 1, New Years – closed

Please sign up in the office to work either April 29 or December 31.

Letter #3:
Below is the tentative work schedule for December 24 through January 2. I have tried to anticipate the number of staff we will need each day; however, be aware that this schedule is subject to change. If you have questions regarding the schedule, or if it causes a serious problem for you, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make the necessary adjustments. We appreciate your contributions at this busy time of the year and wish all of you a happy holiday season.

Letter #4:
We have now drafted the work schedule for the Christmas holiday season. We have tried to accommodate requests made in advance for certain days off and have attempted to make the schedule as fair as possible. Anyone who wishes to make a change in his or her schedule is responsible for finding a replacement and getting approval from a supervisor.

We hope this schedule will adequately cover our staffing needs while allowing our employees as much time as possible to spend with their families. We appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter.