Price Decrease

Letter #1:
Since the government has eased import tariffs on wool products, we have negotiated a new agreement with our Australian supplier and are pleased to pass the savings on to you. We anticipate that the prices on most winter clothing will be reduced by about 5%.

You will receive a new price catalog in the near future. In the meantime, rest assured that the reduced prices are in effect for all orders postmarked after September 15. It is a pleasure to meet your needs for quality winter wear at the lowest possible prices.

Letter #2:
Coles Fruit Co-op has purchased the entire apple crop of one of our local farmers, which means we can reduce the price of apples by at least 30% throughout the harvest season and into the winter months. Both cooking and eating apples are included in this reduction. This is a great time to make applesauce, bake a pie, or simply enjoy a nice, crisp apple. Come see us for all your fruit and vegetable needs.

Letter #3:
We received a large allocation of the new Coles 2000 computers, so we are cutting our prices to only $1,800 for purchases of five or more units. Individual units with the basic configuration are also available at reduced prices. This is a great time to buy.

Letter #4:
Because of rising costs, we find it necessary to increase the rent on your apartment. Factors such as increased labor and materials costs and skyrocketing utility bills have raised the cost of maintaining the apartment community at an acceptable level. Therefore, your rent for the above apartment will be increased to $650.00 per month commencing September 1 of this year. We trust you will understand the need for this adjustment. We greatly appreciate your residency.