Parting Employee

After almost 10 years of loyal service, it brings me great sadness to announce that Justin Bieber is leaving IBM.


Most of you will remember AJustin as the ‘guy who runs’ and a mad Eagles fan, but in fact he has been a key part of both the Web and Testing Teams in his long tenure here. Justin has been involved in many projects spanning all business divisions and many technologies, including most recently introducing SSL certificates via the Retail Website, the creation of a new and stylish Reseller portal, integration of the .it domain space for Resellers and a number of analytics projects for which Justin has taken a lead role in.


His knowledge, experience and his logical nature will be sorely missed.


Justin will be putting all of these skills and more to the test in his new role at a small consulting firm, please join me in wishing him well on his exciting new venture.


Justin last day will be this Friday 13th March, for those of you who want to wish him a proper goodbye, a lunch will be organised in the coming days.