New Products

Letter #1:
Dear John,

I want the name “Myer Product” to be synonymous in your mind with quality. More than synonymous–I want them to be one and the same. In fact, when you think “quality,” “reliability,” “versatility,” or “power,” I want you to think “Myer Product.”


We are a leader. We work with leaders. And our long history of innovation and support keep you ahead of the curve on (list two primary product attributes). But we want you to think of our customer service on the same level as our technology.

It is my pleasure to introduce the new version of “Myer Product.” It’s focused on the customer, listening to his or her issues and challenges, and finally meeting those challenges with products, services, and resources unmatched in quality and functionality.

The NEW Myer Product is the most powerful we have ever built.

* (list 3-5 one sentence bullet points)

And that’s just the beginning. Take a moment to discover the new Myer Product. And then visit our new website to see how we’ve changed. We are committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We’ll do all we can to make your Myer Product experience positive.

As always, thank you for choosing Myer.

Letter #2:
Dear (name),

I just wanted to let you know that I have started a business of my own and am looking for people who are personable, open-minded, hard-working, and who are looking to make extra income or perhaps make a career change.

Do you know anyone like that?

My new business is selling a product line of nutritional products that help you by:

*(list prominent features)

If you know anyone, or are interested yourself, please let me know.


Letter #3:
Myer Sports Shop, your exclusive source for high tech camping equipment, announces the latest in high country hiking boots. The new lightweight, waterproof boots with special ankle supports are available now at special introductory prices.

Designed for rugged terrain and wet conditions, the new boots are proving to be a hiker’s dream come true. “You have to wear them to appreciate what a difference they can make,” says John Myer, who recently returned from a 10-day hike in the¬†Everest Mountains.

The boots are available only at the Sports Shop. Drop in and see what they can do for you on your next outing.

Letter #4:
Finally, a stain remover that removes stains! We have all purchased that other kind–the one that promises but Myers not deliver. Now try “Unbelievable,” the stain remover that actually works. You will understand where it got its name the first time you wipe away day-old spaghetti sauce from your light green upholstery.

Ask your grocer for “Unbelievable” or call 8456-7845.

Letter #5:
Myer Cycle Performance proudly announces the addition of a full-service machine shop. Now we can provide all phases of motorcycle maintenance and performance modification in house!

Our state-of-the-art machine tools, combined with our years of experience in street and track performance applications, make us Springfield’s premier motorcycle shop. Call us at 7845-2215 for ALL your motorcycle maintenance and modification needs, from mild to wild!

Letter #6:
Myer Office Supply is pleased to announce that our services will now include free delivery on orders of $75 or more. Orders received by 2:00 p.m. will be delivered the same business day; later orders will be delivered the next morning. Call 9844-5525 to place an order from our catalog. The supplies you need are just a phone call away!

Letter #7:
Myer Cosmetics is pleased to announce a new line of organic lipsticks. These lipsticks have proven in clinical tests to soften lips and retain their natural colors well. Only vegetable oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients are used in this product. The colors are up-to-date and attractive and we are confident that these lipsticks will appeal to women of all ages. Please contact our sales representative for samples.