Hiring Freeze

Letter #1:
Please be aware that until further notice, all hiring will be put on hold. The current instability of the market suggests that we take time to assess our marketing strategies before we continue with expansion.

We realize that some sections were hoping to add positions by the new year, and we hope we can return to that plan soon, but caution dictates that we move more slowly for a short time. This would be a good time to review our procedures and find out where we might become more efficient.

Letter #2:
As a direct result of the failure of Westpac Savings and Loan, a hiring freeze will go into effect at the close of business today. To get us through this period, some of you may have to assume additional responsibilities until business stabilizes. We anticipate that it will take us approximately three months to return to normal operations.

Letter #3:
Because of the recent economic downturn, the company has instituted a temporary hiring freeze. We are sorry for any difficulty this may cause, but market forces affecting the entire industry force us into this temporary position. We hope that by taking this and other similar measures, we can avoid laying off any current workers.

We realize that this may create a hardship for some departments; however, we believe the current situation will not last long. Co-operation and teamwork between departments is especially important during this period. We appreciate your support as we cope with the current challenges and look forward to better times.

Letter #4:
It has become necessary to announce a hiring freeze at Westpac Corporation. We expect this situation to be temporary; however, until further notice, no new personnel can be hired. As you know, consumer spending was slow during the last quarter; however, recent reports indicate that the fourth quarter will be better than average. We are willing to discuss any special circumstances that arise and make adjustments as needed. We appreciate the support and cooperation of all our employees and hope the situation will return to normal soon.