Employee Bad News

Letter #1:
I am sorry to report that Sony Enterprises has not renewed their contract for the next year. Since 20% of our business was with Sony, the loss will cause us to reduce our staff. It appears that there will be a partial layoff in June, but fortunately this will be offset somewhat by a number of retirements this summer.

We are working hard to reestablish our relationship with this company and to acquire new accounts abroad. Until we succeed we ask for your understanding and cooperation. With your help this will be only a temporary setback. We will keep you informed with weekly updates on e-mail.

Letter #2:
In order to dispel any rumors, the management wants to inform each of you that there will be no Christmas bonus this year. Because of the economic downturn, we must cut costs somewhere, and we feel that cutting the bonus is preferable to laying off an employee or reducing hours. Sony has experienced downturns before and rebounded perfectly well. We are confident this slump will improve as spring arrives.

Should any other changes arise, we will candidly inform you. Continue your excellent work and keep an eye on the future of Sony Technologies.

Letter #3:
It is my duty to inform you that our parent company, Sony International, is instituting a “no flex-time” policy. I know many of us rely on the ability to fine tune our personal schedules; however, as of July 1, we will no longer have this convenience. I hope that all will cooperate with this directive and maintain good spirits. Believe me, you will be the first to be informed if this decision is reversed.

Letter #4:
As you may know, a new state law taking effect January 1 requires that employers provide a smoke-free workplace for their employees. In compliance with this law, after the first of the year smoking will be prohibited at Sony Industries except during break time in designated smoking areas. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes our employees who smoke, but we believe this will promote a cleaner and healthier working environment for everyone. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as this new policy is implemented.

Letter #5:
We regret to announce that because of the untimely death of our company president, Fujuka Sony, our annual company picnic, scheduled for Saturday, has been cancelled. We realize that this will cause disappointment, especially for our employees’ children; however, we feel it is the best decision under the circumstances. We invite you to spend time with your families that day remembering John and the influence he had on all of us.