Employee Achievements

Letter #1:
Our warmest congratulations to Eric Johnson, who recently received the industry’s award for the best TV commercial of the year. A recent graduate from the Howard Academy, Eric joined us in 2001 and immediately attracted the attention of writers and artists with his avant guard style. He says he enjoys working in our country setting, where he and his bride can enjoy the inspiration of the mountains.

The award is given each year for the commercial that industry writers and artists vote as most effective in the use of visual media. Eric will receive his award at the annual banquet of screen and television writers in February.

Our best wishes to Eric and to all our writers who set today’s standard of excellence. Your futures look very bright.

Letter #2:
The Melbourne Bowling Association has named John Howard “Bowler of the Year.”

He earned this distinction by bowling two straight 300-point games during the state-wide bowling tournament in Melbourne this past week. John received a plaque and a new bowling ball during the awards banquet Saturday night. He also received a check to cover his expenses at the national tournament in Chicago.

We extend our congratulations to John for his achievement and urge all employees to inform the editor of our newsletter of their outside accomplishments.

Letter #3:
Our very own Jane Howard has just been awarded an honorary Ph.D. by Melbourne University for her work in musical education.

Jane has taught music with us for the last seventeen years, and has inspired many of her students to pursue musical careers. The University presented Jane with this award “For Exemplary Leadership and Education of Children Through Music.” Her revolutionary teaching techniques have gained Jane national attention as well, with several education journals and two popular magazines running complimentary profiles on her in the last five years.

The presentation of this award will take place at Melbourne University’s commencement exercises on June 1, at 2:00 p.m. in the Melbourne Center Arena. Congratulations, Jane! Your example is most inspiring to all of us in the district.