Drug Testing

Letter #1:
We regret that it has become necessary to take serious measures to ensure that we all enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. Effective January 1, we will begin a mandatory drug testing program for all employees.

We have engaged an independent laboratory to visit our site to supervise random testing throughout the year. Each randomly selected employee will be required to provide samples (e.g., urine, blood) to be tested for the presence of illegal drugs. Your cooperation will be appreciated and all results will be kept confidential.

Persons who test positive will be placed on indefinite leave, pending a thorough physical and psychological examination. With proper medical attention and rehabilitation, termination can be avoided in some cases. We cannot emphasize too strongly that substance abuse has no place in the AFL.

Letter #2:
The AFL will begin random drug testing after August 30. We feel strongly that our players must be drug-free. If they are not, they need to seek treatment or different employment. Either blood or urine samples will be collected to trace alcohol or drug use. All results will be strictly confidential.

If you test positive, a representative from Human Resources will contact you. He or she will help you arrange a treatment program and rehabilitation schedule. If you are unwilling to pursue treatment or fail to meet the requirements of treatment, you will need to seek employment elsewhere. The AFL is committed to being part of a drug-free Australia.

Letter #3:
It is my duty to inform you that our parent company, Australian Football League, is instituting a mandatory drug testing program for all employees. Beginning November 17, all persons will be required to complete random drug-screening interviews and to provide urine samples upon request of their department’s safety officer.

An independent laboratory will process the samples and all results will be kept strictly confidential. Employees testing positive for illegal drug use will be placed on probation pending negative results in further testing. Australian Football League and its subsidiaries are committed to maintaining a safe and drug-free workplace.

Letter #4:
It has become necessary for the the AFL to institute a drug-testing program to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees. Every employee will participate in testing that will be conducted at random on a monthly basis by Adrian Anderson. The enclosed brochure explains how the testing will be handled; the results of these tests will be kept completely confidential. Any employee who tests positive for the use of a controlled substance will be contacted by the director of personnel for a personal interview. Possible options the employee may consider will be discussed at that time.

We regret the necessity of taking this action; however, we are confident we can rely on the cooperation of our employees with this new policy.

Letter #5:
Effective immediately, all players of the AFL will be required to participate in random testing for the use of any drug that may impair job performance. Recent events have prompted the establishment of this policy to ensure a safe working environment for all. The accompanying letter explains the details of how and when this testing will be conducted. Any employee who tests positive will be informed by his or her supervisor and given a chance to resolve this problem. Anyone who tests positive for drug use twice will be terminated.

We must maintain a drug-free workplace for the protection of all. Any questions about this policy may be directed to Adrian Anderson in the Football Department.