Letter #1:
I feel I should inform you that after several years of trying to reconcile our differences, Scott and I are separating. Our divorce will be final on June 30. His work abroad and mine in the theater have led us down two very different paths, and we both feel it best to go our separate ways.

I will continue to live in the same place with the children, and hope you will visit when you are in the area. Thank you for being such a good friend. I have sincerely appreciated your support.

Letter #2:
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Scott and I divorced last week. We reached the point where we hardly knew each other.

Because you have been such a good friend, I wanted to tell you directly. I will continue to live in our home with the children, and Scott has moved to an apartment at 1600 Main Street. I appreciate your friendship. Please keep in touch.

Letter #3:
I would rather you heard it from me first: Lana and I are separating. Our divorce will be final by October.

You have known us well enough to understand how this seems to be the best solution.

Lana will be moving back to Sydney, her hometown. Meanwhile, I expect you will see a bit more of my face around your offices. I appreciate having good friends at a time like this.

Letter #4:
I am sorry to inform you that Lana and I separated last March, and our divorce will be final sometime next month. I know this will cause our friends some of the same pain and sadness we have felt. We are sorry that we have been unable to resolve our differences, but we believe this decision is in everyone’s best interests. Lana and the girls have moved to a condominium across town. Their new address is

648 George St #2, Sydney, NSW 2001. My son Steven and I are still living at our old address; however, Lana and I both see the children on a regular basis.

I have always valued your friendship, so I wanted you to hear about this change in our lives from me. Although this is a difficult time for all of us, we are making the necessary adjustments and moving forward in our lives. Although we don’t see each other often, I appreciate the friendship and support you have given me over the years, and hope we can continue to stay in touch.