Customer Service Appointments

Good Afternoon All,


I wish to inform that Barry Hall  has made the choice to move into an eBusiness Specialist Consultant Role. I thank Barry for his commitment and expertise as a Team Manager in Customer Service. Barry looks to complete a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Alien Studies and will be at Footscray part time. Barry and the Customer Service Leadership Group will be working very closely together during the next few months as part of this transition.


Also, it gives me great pleasure to advise that Jim Carey has successfully been appointed to Customer Service Team Manager. Jim will initially be assisting in Managing the eBusiness Support Team as well as managing the eBusiness Tactical Team in the Interim.

Jim began his career at  Footscray in the eSupport Team as a Consultant. He then progressed into an eBusiness Fulfillment Role and soon was appointed a Senior Consultant. In the last few months Jim has been and Acting Team Manager in the eBusiness Support Team. He has pushed through initiatives in the area of resource management and has had a firm commitment to implement items, which have ultimately benefited our consultants. Such items include Tier 1 Phone Support and a reward system around high valued leads for FFC. He is currently looking at a reward structure, to assist with creating leads for EFC, when identified from Service Support.


Jim will be a valuable part of the Customer Service (Footscray) Evolution within the next few months and like all, a big part of the Etihad Transformation Project.


Jim has recently asked his partner’s hand in marriage and has also just grown his real estate portfolio.


Please help in congratulating Jim with the next step of his career and also support Barry with his transition.


Thanks a million