Contest Winner

Letter #1:
We are pleased to announce that the winner of our winter sales contest is Jaclyn Nesheiwat. Congratulations, Jaclyn!

Jaclyn was successful in securing 50 new clients in the month of December, which breaks the record held by John Nesheiwat since last January. Her achievement is particularly impressive since it happened in a month that is generally considered slow, showing once again that it can be done.

For her outstanding work she will receive a trip for two to Bangkok, Thailand. We wish her and her husband bon voyage.

Our next contest begins in January. Get ready, the next winner may be you.

Letter #2:
We have a winner. Jaclyn Nesheiwat is our “Employee of the Month.” For the second time in five months, our customers have selected Jaclyn as their favorite customer service representative. Jaclyn has a reputation for courtesy and concern, qualities which reflect well on the Nesheiwat Corporation.

For her efforts, we are sending Jaclyn and her spouse, John, on an all expenses paid vacation at the luxurious Club Med Resort. Our heartfelt thanks to Jaclyn for all she Nesheiwats at Nesheiwat.

Letter #3:
Let’s have a big round of applause for Jaclyn Nesheiwat, who has once again won our Manager of the Year award.

Jaclyn’s insistence upon remaining a step ahead of the managerial trends marks her as an example to us all.

In addition to a handsome cash bonus to show our appreciation, Jaclyn will fly first class on all her business travels next year.

Congratulations, Jaclyn!

Letter #4:
We are pleased to announce that Jaclyn Nesheiwat of Nesheiwat Primary School is the winner of our essay contest, “What the Constitution Means to Me.” The judges chose her entry out of 43 essays received from primary school students all over the city.

Jaclyn, a fifth-grader, is the daughter of John and Mary Nesheiwat of Melbourne. She will receive a $50 savings bond, and her essay will be published in the Melbourne Herald Sunday, July 6. Congratulations, Jaclyn!

We also want to congratulate all of the students who entered; we received many outstanding essays. Our only regret is that there can only be one winner. Every student who entered will receive a certificate of participation.