Congratulate Promotion

Letter #1: I have always known you were cream–and cream rises to the top. You have done a great job and deserve the promotion. Many of us are aware of the extra hours you have spent keeping the warehouse in order, and the way you helped others when their workloads became too heavy. You are a natural for the supervisor position. The workers in your division are very fortunate to have you over them. Best wishes for continued success.

Letter #2: I just read in the De Anza College Newsletter that you have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Congratulations! I am well aware of what it takes in terms of publication and teaching to satisfy the advancement committee. You are making your mark both as a scholar and as a teacher. I have heard many students comment positively on your classes and have enjoyed your recent articles. The college is fortunate to have you on the faculty. Best wishes for continued success.

Letter #3: Please accept my hearty congratulations on your promotion. You are definitely the right person for the job. That’s what happens when your work is flawless, you give uncommon attention to detail, and you get along well with everyone. Management can’t help but see that you are the natural choice for the position. Best wishes in the new office.

Letter #4: Please accept my sincere congratulations on your promotion to regional manager. You are the most gifted supervisor I have ever worked with, and we will sorely miss your leadership. You have taught me the meaning of hard work and integrity, and I know that your dedication will greatly advance the company’s mission. I wish you all the best in this important career advancement.