Letter #1:
Several employees have come to the personnel office to ask about the future of Compaq Computers. Just to set the record straight, Compaq is not closing its doors. While the last two years have seen losses, we are committed to finding a way to continue to do business in Chadstone. As you may have heard, the merger with a neighboring corporation fell through in the last stages of negotiation. While the merger is no longer an option, we are exploring other promising avenues to keep Compaq viable and to keep these jobs in Chadstone. We appreciate the loyalty you have shown to Compaq Computers, and we will keep you informed of further developments.

Letter #2:
The word on the street is that I am going to be selling the company soon. This rumor could not be further from the truth. I have been discussing with John Compaq, of the Compaq Resource Group, the possibility of developing a partnership between our businesses. The primary difference is that we would be able to buy raw materials in larger, less expensive quantities. It is still some time before we would implement this partnership. There will be an official announcement by June 15. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Letter #3:
This memo is in response to the rumor that there will be company cars for all the upper managers next year. Our policy on company vehicles remains exactly the same as it has always been: No company cars will be provided. Any changes in company policy will be accompanied by an official announcement, so there is no need for further speculation. Thank you.

Letter #4:
Several people have asked me, to my surprise, when the shop will be moving. There will be no move, per se, but we are expanding into the space now occupied by Compaq Hobby, directly to the south. This expansion will take place on January 5, and we will be closed on that day so the wall can be removed. Until that time I encourage you to concentrate on making the best of the season’s sales potential.