Letter #1:
You have my authorisation to take over the day-to-day affairs at Clooney Corporation while I am on vacation. Because our course is set, there should be no major changes while I am gone. You are authorized to purchase supplies as needed and to sign employee time cards. Should an emergency arise, call me at 8475-5555. Otherwise, I will not be available until August 15. I have complete confidence in your abilities and will personally inform the team members of this action.

Letter #2:
On behalf of the Brisbane Homeowners’ Association, we the Board of Directors confirm that George Clooney has authority as President of the Association to subcontract emergency repairs to plumbers, roofers, and electricians. These rights are limited to emergency repairs only, and not for renovation or remodeling projects. Mr. Clooney is required to report all expenditures, along with copies of each month’s bank statement, in his monthly newsletter to the Association.

Letter #3:
This is the written authorisation you requested before you start the construction of the office building on 1600 Main Street in Brisbane. The terms you stated in your letter are correct. I have attached a countersigned copy of that letter.

Thank you for your attention to detail. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Letter #4:
This letter confirms that George Clooney is authorized to represent the Clooney Company in contract negotiations with the employees’ union. Union representatives should contact George when they have questions or proposals to discuss. We are confident that George has the knowledge and experience necessary to negotiate a successful settlement. We look forward to concluding this matter in a way that will be satisfactory to everyone.

Letter #5:
This letter constitutes the written confirmation you requested with regard to our agreement over the telephone. You are authorized to use my security code to gain after-hours access to the offices of the George Clooney Corporation for the week ending June 12, for the purpose of installing new computer equipment and software. This will be done in accordance with the terms of the contract we reviewed and signed on May 30.

We are looking forward to having the new equipment in place, and trust that this will lead to an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship.